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Official Bio:

As a Published Author, Joy & Authenticity Coach, Speaker, and Workshop Presenter, Robyn's mission is to help you step into your most true, authentic self so that you can experience the deep passion, purpose, and joy you long for, and live your most incredible life!

Robyn holds a B.A. in Philosophy, a Master of Master's Certification in Reiki Energy Therapy, a Certification in Assertiveness Coaching, and is currently working towards her second Coaching Certificate and BCC through the highly reputed RMT (Robbins-Madanes Training) program. Her first book, My Happy Book: a Guided Journal to Light up your Life, was released in October of 2016.

Robyn has been inspiring and empowering others through her Writing, Coaching, and Teaching for the past decade. She is a firm believer that you can live the life of your dreams and at the same time make great positive difference in the world, and further, that you cannot fully do one without the other.

Robyn does her best to make the most out of each day and to respond to every person and situation she encounters with awareness, kindness, and love.